Yims Foods offer artisan pickled vegetables, preserved fruits, jams, and jellies.

All items are made in small batches with special attention to detail and quality in The Mix commercial kitchen in Dallas, Texas.

We delight our customers with the best pickles and jams/jellies they have ever tasted and work to support local farms and celebrate food traditions while doing it. We enjoy working and supporting local businesses – knowing that they appreciate the quality products we bring. As a local business, we love the connection we all have with each other, and the consumers appreciate the partnerships.

Our products (recipes) are tested for Food Safety, Shelf-life durability, and safe Acidified Product pH through a professional testing facility, and approved by Texas Food Process Authority, Dr. Al Wagner, Texas A&M University.


We are registered with the FDA.


Texas State Fair Awarded Products include:
Salvador Dillies
Tomatillo Salsa
Brussels Sprouts
Pickled Carrots with Onions and Jalapenos
Apple Butter

News Clippings:

D Magazine The Localist: Yims Brussels Sprouts with Carrots

Dallas Morning News: Looking for local coffee or honey? Try this Lake Highlands hardware shop

Meet Camille Cortinas of Yims Foods in Little Forest Hills


Camille Cortinas

I’ve always loved pickles. A defining moment was a jar of pickles from Choke Cherry Farms in Colorado. After visiting the farm I would order and have them shipped to Texas. I was obsessed with the quality of small batch goods. The brine was my wine. HA! I started pickling and aimed to capture the same flavors. Mostly just as a means to save money from all the online pickle ordering. Anyway, it seems I got carried away, and in 2011 Yims Foods was created with the loving help of my Mother Judy McClellan Cortinas. Her passion for constantly making and creating just about anything has inspired me to do the same. She handles all the fruit jams and preserves and I focus on the pickling . Fortunately for me she’s business savvy, has mad bookkeeping skills and has kept us on a slow and steady incline. It wouldn’t be possible without her smarts,It also enables me to be on the front lines serving as the face of the company connecting with our customers.

John Lefler, my close friend and bandmate handles all my graphic designing and labels, I have been privileged to work alongside people I consider friends and mentors. (farms, photographers, local businesses, restaurants owners to name a few)